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If you're looking for a private money lender with vast experience, to close loans quickly and smoothly, you've come to the right place.  Since 1975 Val-Chris has been serving our communities all over San Jose and beyond with hard money loans, privately funded and backed by secure real estate holdings.  Our investors and borrowers come back to us year after year because we have the ability to fund loans where traditional means have fallen short.  Read about our exclusive services for brokers, borrowers, and investors below.

We are ready to provide you with top tier financial services for Brokers, Borrowers, or Investors. Call us, send a message, or start a full application process when you are ready to experience the Val-Chris difference.

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Financial Services

Private Money Loans for Borrowers

Having trouble obtaining a loan from a San Jose conventional lender? Let us help you! We can provide alternative financing solutions for borrowers who are unable to get traditional financing and can assist clients with a low FICO credit score, self-employed or have no proof of income.

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Residential Loans

Residential loans are one of the most common types of loans. It is characterized by the amount of cash required to purchase the real estate property outright and the level of property prices. Financing is typically the only option without a significant amount of cash at hand. Val-Chris offers a myriad of options that can assist prospective buyers with their residential loan process.

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Commercial / Industrial / Mixed-Use Loans

Our commercial loan packages are tailored and customized for each individual business. We strive to offer the best terms and the most competitive rates and fees to our clients, which has been the cornerstone to our success in being one of the leading commercial/industrial/mixed-used lender in San Jose.

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Rehab Loans

A rehab loan also known as a renovation loan, enables homebuyers/homeowners to finance both the purchase or refinance along with the renovation of a home through a single mortgage. Since these loans are a method of rehabilitating neighborhoods or expanding the property tax in a specific area, they are typically insured by a government agency. Val-Chris has brokered these loans over the last 40 years and can provide clients with a quick and easy response or approval for any type of rehab loan.

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Investment Property Loans

Investment loans are among one of the popular loans and range from interest only to line of credit. Often, these types of loans are difficult to qualify for and have a stringent approval process, but at Val-Chris, we understand how incredibly beneficial an investment loan can be to an investor and are committed in assisting our clients through the process and finding the best lending option.

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Private Money Services for Brokers

Our owner and non-owner-occupied loans are one of the most competitive in the industry, which is why we have been one of the leading private money lenders in San Jose for the last 30 years. Our services include up to 75% LTV on purchases, up to 65% LTV on refinances and our loans usually spans from $50,000 to $1,500,000. In addition, here are a few other incentives in choosing Val-Chris:

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