Private Money Broker in San Diego

Looking for an owner or non-owner-occupied loan in San Diego? Look no further, Val-Chris Investments has got you covered.

Private money brokers want to make the entire lending process quick and hassle-free. Our team can help negotiate mutually beneficial terms for all parties, allowing more flexible agreements. By working with certified brokers, you’re able to receive your funding at a faster rate than you would at a bank. This way, you can start and finish your real estate project and reap the potential benefits.

Time is money, and money is time. At Val-Chris, we won’t waste your time beating around the bush. Our team of brokers values transparency and clear communication. This lets us streamline the approval process and connect you with the proper lender.

Choosing a knowledgeable and reputable broker can help open more doors for you within the industry—allowing you to grow your property portfolio. You can control your loan terms and work with the necessary tools to achieve a return on your investment.

Private money loans are a great choice for investors looking for reliable and trustworthy access to capital for their next project. Whether it’s a major industrial purchase or a multi-family residential rebuild, we’re here to support you. Consider working with our team for a faster closing experience and to reap mutual advantages and endless opportunities.

No matter your experience level, we will guide you every step of the way to make the process pain-free. Our team can create a strategy that fits your financial needs to develop a lucrative outcome. Whether it’s your first property or tenth, our team can provide tools and knowledge to help carry you through the buying and negotiation process. We’re here to help to grow your business, and we’re always looking forward to helping you with your future opportunities.

A few advantages of choosing us for your lending needs include terms starting at 3-10 years, no FICO score minimums, and loans starting from $25,000- $4,000,000.

Additional benefits include:

SFR, Condominiums, Townhouses

  • Providing Up to 65% LTV on purchases
  • Providing Up to 65% LTV on refinances
  • Stated income loan;

Multi-Family Units (2+ units)

We offer up to 65% LTV on acquisitions; and, pp to 65% LTV on refinances.

Commercial and Industrial

We provide up to 60% LTV on acquisitions and up to 55% LTV on refinances. Call for Exceptions

Loan pricing has never been easier. Just send the following items our way and you’re on your way: credit report that’s no older than 2 months, completed 1003, appraisal and a letter of loan purpose.

Explore the major possibilities of networking opportunities, quality leads, and positive loan-to-value ratios when working with our team of private money brokers in San Diego with Val-Chris Investments. Contact us today for assistance with underwriting and pricing guidelines. Our account executives are standing by to help you with any questions.