Fresno Private Money Loans

Val-Chris has been providing Private Money Loans and Trust Deed Investments to Fresno and surrounding areas for over 45 years.

If you're looking for a private money lender with vast experience, to close loans quickly and smoothly, you've come to the right place.

Since 1975, Val-Chris has been serving our communities all over Fresno and beyond with hard money loans, privately funded and backed by secure real estate holdings. Our investors and borrowers come back to us year after year because we have the ability to fund loans where traditional means have fallen short. Read about our exclusive services for brokers, borrowers, and investors below.

Val-Chris Fresno Location
From our satellite offices, we provide specialized financial services to Borrowers, Investors, and Brokers. Call us, send a message, or start a full application process when you are ready to experience the Val-Chris difference.

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Val-Chris Fresno Private Money Loans for Borrowers​

Private Money Loans for Borrowers

Getting approved for a loan at a conventional lender can be a difficult process. We offer alternative financing solutions for borrowers who are unable to obtain traditional financing. We can assist clients who have no proof of income, are self-employed, or have a low FICO credit score.

Val-Chris Fresno Commercial / Industrial / Mixed-Use Loans​

Commercial / Industrial / Mixed-Use Loans

We specialize in custom-designed lending packages for each individual business, and we provide the best terms and the most competitive rates. This is proven in our continual success as one of the leading commercial/industrial/mixed-use lenders in Fresno and beyond.

Val-Chris Fresno Residential Loans

Residential Loans

At a bank, traditional residential financing is often limited and difficult to obtain. Val-Chris offers fast, flexible Residential Loans—with or without great credit. To maximize opportunity on a residential investment property, there are times when an investor needs to move more quickly than financing through a bank can allow.

Val-Chris Fresno Investment Property Loans

Investment Property Loans

We offer loan options for our borrowers to purchase or refinance an investment property. We are dedicated to helping our clients realize their business goals, and we are committed to acquiring the best lending option for every investor we serve.

Val-Chris Fresno High-Yield Trust Deeds for Investors

High-Yield Trust Deeds for Investors

Our lending team has over 40 years of experience in the Fresno private money lending industry. Our proven track record is evident in our continual success, and we go above and beyond to deliver integrity, dedication, and transparency to our clients.

Val-Chris Fresno Private Money Services for Brokers

Private Money Services for Brokers

For the last 40+ years, we have been one of the leading private money lenders in Fresno. We provide one of the most competitive owner and non-owner occupied loans in the industry, with up to 60% LTV on refinances and up to 65% on purchases. Loans range from $25,000 to $4,000,000.