Existing Borrowers - Make a Payment

(if we service your loan)

  • 1. Make a one-time payment through our online portal 24/7 with your Bank Account. Contact our Loan Servicing Department to be enrolled. Once you are signed up:
        •Log on to www.borrowersviewcentral.com (or click the blue tab to the right that says “Borrowers Servicing Portal”)
               Company ID: VCI
               User ID: your loan number
               PIN: Last 4-digits of the primary borrower’s social security number on file
        •To make a payment, click the link “Make a Payment” under Payment Information.
    • Please double check that the First and Last name match the account information being input
    • Under Payment Method, click “EFT”, Electronic funds transfer
    • Enter the Account and Routing Numbers
    • Make sure the payment amount is the correct amount
    • Once you have double checked all the information you are ready to Submit Payment
      ************Payment will reflect on your account within 24-48 HRS***************

2. Make payments that are automatically withdrawn from your account every month. Contact Loan Servicing to get set up.
    •Complete an Automatic Clearing House (ACH) form (show below) and send it back to our Loan Servicing Department so we can get you set up for monthly recurring withdrawals.

3. Provide a check made payable to Val-Chris Investments and send by mail to the office located at 2601 Main Street, Suite 400, Irvine, CA 92614

Please contact our Loan Servicing Department with any questions or to enroll in our portal or ACH options.
servicing@val-chris.com | Phone: 949-252-8020 | Fax: 949-252-0154

Download Form (PDF) / (RTF)

Mailing Address

Mailing Address for Loans Serviced by Val-Chris Investments, Inc.

2601 Main St. Suite 400, Irvine, CA 92614