Hard Money Investment Property Loans

Hard money investment property loan terms are extremely flexible, making them perfect for the requirements of investment properties which differ from standard terms.

There are several reasons to seek out investment property loans, such as the speed with which they can be attained when compared with traditional lending and the flexibility of our private loan terms. Whatever your financial situation is—and regardless of what kind of property you wish to invest in—we can help you find a hard money investment property loan with the terms that you need to achieve your goal.

Remember that a loan for investment property must be treated differently than other conventional loan types because the borrower has different requirements to qualify. As we are acutely aware of these differences, our specialists are exceptionally qualified to guide you through the process and can supply you with multiple options for investment property loans that fit your needs.

More About Investment Properties

The goal of any investor is to earn a good return on the investment. Whether you plan on owning your property for several years before selling it at a profit, renting out the home to make a profit each month, or have some other plan for the property, the less you pay for your mortgage the more you will be able to make.

Just like any loan, there is an inherent risk on the part of the lender, and investment properties are considered riskier purely because they are, in fact, an investment.  This means there are slightly different lending guidelines and hurdles to a successful loan and great terms.  Val-Chris has closed thousands of hard money investment property loans and has the experience and knowledge available to help you navigate this loan type.

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