Private Money Loans in Dallas, TX

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With more than 45 years of experience with private money loans and giving investors high-yield opportunities, Val-Chris Investments is coming to Texas. We are excited to provide private money loans in Dallas, Texas, among other services. You can learn about all the services we offer in Dallas, Texas, below. 

Val-Chris Fresno Private Money Loans for Borrowers​

Private Money Loans

Regardless of your FICO score or if you can’t provide proof of income, we can secure a private money loan for you in Dallas, Texas, at a competitive rate. We can ensure this because of our trustworthy services and long-standing relationships with investors and brokers. These loans give you the opportunity to attain a property in which you may rent to tenants, but don’t worry—we don’t stop at residential buildings.

Val-Chris Fresno Commercial / Industrial / Mixed-Use Loans​

Commercial Loans

Dallas is a booming city and, as a result, many businesses are making Dallas their home (or one of them). If you’re trying to secure funds for a commercial loan in Dallas, Texas, we have you covered with exceptional loan terms.

Val-Chris Fresno Investment Property Loans

Investment Property Loans

Real estate investing is undoubtedly a great way to earn passive income. Every investor wants the property in the best part of the city near all that Dallas has to offer. The problem, however, is having the funds to do so. Whether you need to partially or fully fund the property, Val-Chris has a solution for you, even with the strict nature of investment property loans.

Val-Chris Fresno High-Yield Trust Deeds for Investors

High-Yield Trust Deed Investments

You can join our network of investors! Help individuals lock-in the funds they need with private money loans in Dallas, Texas, backed by real estate. We are one of the most trusted loan servicers in the country, and we want to help get your money working for you. All our investment opportunities are flexible and offer various terms to align with your needs.

Val-Chris Investments is proud to serve the community of DallasTexas, through competitive private money loans. Whether your company is moving into town and you need a facility or you want an investment property, give us a call today or fill out this loan application formWe look forward to meeting you.