Over 40 Years of Investment Prowess

There’s a reason our investors come back year after year, we focus on secure investments that generate consistent returns.

Trust Deed Investing

Since 1975, Val-Chris Investments has provided investors with hundreds of millions of dollars of trust deed investments on real estate property.

Trust deed investments are secured by real estate property, minimizing the risk normally associated with private money investing. In an industry that has many fly-by-night companies, our trust deed investors have trusted us year after year because of our three primary principles:

Assisting borrowers
  1. Integrity

    Ethical business practices and investment deals.
  2. Dedication

    Client service as a priority, not an afterthought.
  3. Transparency

    Upfront fee structures and investment vetting.

As a trust deed investment company, Val-Chris Investments, Inc. funds 1st, 2nd, and 3rd deeds of trust on California real property with loan amounts from $25,000 to $4,000,000. If you purchase trust deeds, we can also provide the loan servicing you require for a small fee as we have an experienced and efficient loan servicing department. While any investment has risks, investors have typically been rewarded when investing in trust deeds with secure, high-return yields on quality investments based on our conservative underwriting standards.

Our commitment to investors.

Experienced Support

Our trust deed investing accounts are managed by fully licensed and experienced real estate professionals.

High-Yield Returns

Enjoy consistent returns on investments backed by real estate.


Our investors come back year after year because of our commitment to our core values and loan products.

Recurring Revenue

Trust deed investments generate recurring revenue and consistent monthly income for our investors.


All investments are secured by California real estate property with carefully vetted and confirmed collateral.

Consistent Underwriting

Our underwriting process is consistent, and it is our goal to bring the highest-quality loans to our investors.

What to expect with trust deed investments.

Improve your investment portfolio’s yield with short and medium term, high-yield notes secured by trust deeds.

Trust deed investing is an extremely valuable addition to any portfolio, with numerous benefits and an acceptable risk amount. Since all investments are secured with California real-estate property, there will always be collateral in place to protect against loan defaults. Loan amounts are only given up to 65% LTV as further protection against potential market fluctuation of real-estate property values.

High-Yield Trust Deeds

High-Yield Trust Deeds have extremely flexible investment terms that are beneficial to investors of almost any kind. Generally, investments have shorter terms and consistent cash flow generating income.

  • Short  Term Interest Bearing Notes (1 to 3 Years)
  • Fixed Rate and Step-Interest Rate Notes
  • Earn rates typically from 9% to 15% annually (and more if paid off early)
  • Loan amounts vary from $25,000 to $4,000,000

What do I get?

In addition to standard investment documents and terms, you will receive in your possession several items to completely secure your trust deed investment funds.

  • The Original Promissory Note and note endorsement (copies if we service)
  • A Recorded Deed of Trust and Assignment of Deed of Trust providing you with a secured lien against the property (copies if we service)
  • A Policy of Title Insurance insuring your investment as Beneficiary
  • A Liability Insurance Policy Endorsement insuring the property against certain perils

Why use Val-Chris?

Choosing a loan servicing provider is an important decision, and we like to ensure that all of our investors are 100% satisfied with their choice. Here are some of the benefits that we provide directly to our investment clients.

  • Automated full-service Loan Servicing at minimal charge
  • Collection of borrower’s monthly payment
  • ACH deposits available
  • We perform all necessary collection effort, including late notices
  • Assistance with early payoffs and other specialty requests
  • Dedicate website for simple access to your investment portfolio
  • We handle all tax-related forms (1098s and 1099s)
If you have any questions about our services with trust deed investors, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to get your money working for you.