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Private Money Loans

We understand that financing opportunities are not always available to those who really need it. Traditional loaning agencies often come with strict mandates and perform meticulous background checks for each borrower. One cannot help but feel discouraged when they do not reach the company’s level of standards.

174421546Alongside this, we are aware that traditional loaning takes a longer time to process. In-depth reviews, lengthy documentation and religious assessments are often part of their program. While this process is to make certain that one will be able to pay back the amount to be borrowed, how about those who need money right away and every delayed moment will cost them a big part of their life?

This is why we at Val-Chris Investments have created a way for people to borrow easier, faster; with fewer requirements but still as efficient as borrowing money from the traditional loaning companies. We understand your priorities and we desire to lend you a hand in your economical slope, aiding you with different financing ideas without the constrictions of a long, austere documented process.

Discover the Convenience of Private Money Loans

Our Private Money Loans, in contrast to the conventional agencies, are made to overcome the frustrations of people who are not capable of meeting the traditional industry’s standards or are in need of a faster way to fund their finances. We can connect you to the right opportunity to ease on your personal and commercial resources. Our process is faster, more convenient, and has a greater approval guarantee against the traditional types of loaning.

Whether your investment needs are for long term or short term, gaining financial assistance from our Private Money Loans is one way to fund the growth of your career and lifestyle. Our less-stringent lending criteria has paved the way for many to acquire a strong source of financing that lifted them into a steady industry.

We Focus on Flexibility

Highlighting convenience and efficiency more than anything else, we at Val-Chris Investments have come up with flexible plans that will suit your needs. Our rates are lower than the traditional loaning market, and pricing terms vary according to each deal. We have anticipated for your long-term and short-term goals and have prepared various funding ways to give you the right amount of assistance you will need. Also, you will be given the choice to pay the interest in various timeframes; you can opt to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly, depending on your capability.

Fewer Requirements

We do not require the same amount of paperwork compared to the traditional loaning agencies, as well as the government-funded companies. There is no need to undergo the stressful period of processing documents and background checks. All that we need is your honesty and your spark of interest in pushing your career and life to a whole new level.

It is our goal that you will be backed up by a service that will meet your economical demands. We are committed to assist you in your financial needs, and look forward to seeing a new and better life ahead for you and your family.