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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is private money or a private money lender?

Private money (or hard money) is a commonly used term in the banking and finance industries.  As the name implies, private money lending is the process of using funds from private investors (such as individuals, investment groups or companies) to make loans.  While most people go to a bank for loans on real estate, many people turn to private money lenders to secure real estate loans because private money lenders have fewer loan conditions and have much less "red tape" to deal. Private money lenders are frequently an alternative to traditional lenders when a borrower does not qualify for a loan due to the restrictive underwriting conditions of tranditional lenders.

Is Val-Chris Investments, Inc. licensed?

Yes, Val-Chris Investments, Inc. is licensed by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE #00914633) and is also licensed by the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS #243299).  If you have questions about any broker, you can look them up on the California Department of Real Estate website.

What does Val-Chris Investments, Inc. do?

Val-Chris Investments, Inc. has been in the private money lending business since 1975 and is doing the same thing today it started almost 40 years ago.  We originate primarily residential loans but we also originate a considerable number of commercial and industrial loans as well.  We make loans throughout California that we receive from borrowers and brokers (many of whom are repeat customers) and, in turn, provide many investors with wonderful investment opportunities in those trust deeds secured by California real estate.  We also service loans for many of our borrowers which is the process of collecting the payments and sending loan statements to the borrower which contains key loan information as well as tax and regulatory information. Lastly, we have an escrow department that handles all the necessary paperwork on any and all loans to insure the transaction is closed properly for all concerned.

Borrower FAQs

How do I start the loan process with Val-Chris?

In order to start a loan submission, you need to send us a signed and completed loan application, a borrower's authorization, a loan purpose letter and an appraisal.  We consider a variety of factors during the loan underwriting process, but the important issues are your ability to pay the loan back, the equity in the property, the value of property and the loan purpose.

What type of transactions does Val-Chris do?

We do a variety of transactions but generally we provide loans for purchases, refinances, and cash-out transactions.

What are Val-Chris' interest rates?

Our interest rates vary depending on the specifics of each deal and so it is not practical for us to quote rates here.  Private money lender interest rates are generally higher than traditional bank rates. If we know more about your unique situation, we are able to tell you what our rates will be (or a range of rates) for your loan.  We invite you to give us a call or send us an inquiry and usually after a few mintues on the telephone, we can give you a range of rates for your unique situation.

How is Val-Chris different from a traditional lender?

Generally speaking, we operate similar to a lender except that we move much faster and have a lot less "red tape".  We usually can close a loan in 5 to 7 business days and you can be paid at closing.  Since we originate the loans, we only have to satisfy our own loan underwriting guidelines and not those of any third parties.  This reduces the amount of time and papework to conclude a loan.  We also service our loans and so each month, you make your payment to us and we send you a monthly statement. At the end of the year, you will receive the necessary tax-related forms from us to provide to your accountant or financial advisor.

Are private money loans only for risky borrowers?

No, not at all. In many cases, typical private money borrowers are self-employed people, contractors, corporations, LLCs (limited liability companies), trusts as well as a variety of other types of people including many entrepreneurs who just do not qualify under the more restrictive guidelines of traditional lenders.  Many borrowers have developed a true preference to use private money lenders for their loan needs because private money lenders can originate and process loans faster, require less documentation, and are open to using alternative forms of collateral than traditional lenders.

Broker & Realtor FAQ

What are the benefits of working with Val-Chris Investments?

As a direct lender, we can fund loans using our own guidelines and underwriting standards which simplifies the process and makes it very efficient.  We are very seasoned and experience loan brokers and this allows us to make the experience easy and simple for you.  We have funded tens of thousands of loans well over $500 million to date.  We are honest, ethical, efficient and reliable and we are here to help you make the right decisions.  Our reputation is well-deserved for being one of the best private money lenders and the continued patronage of clients year-after-year, loan after loan illustrates this point better than anything else.  Please try our service and you will not be disappointed.

How do I get paid if I bring a borrower to Val-Chris Investments?

We work with numerous brokers each and every day and make the process simple and streamlined so that you can be paid quickly. 

What kind of loan programs do you offer?

We have a variety of loan programs.

If my borrower has problems meeting the LTV, will you accept other collateral?

Yes, we frequently can structure loans to 

Investor FAQ

Why should I invest in Trust Deeds sold by Val-Chris Investments, Inc?

We have been in the business selling Trust Deeds secured by California real property since 1975.  Honesty, reliability and integrity have been our hallmarks since we began the business and continues unabated to this day.  We are also investors personally in Trust Deeds and what better way to show your confidence in an investment than to invest in it yourself.  One key to successful trust deed investment is having a relationship or business partnership with an honest and ethical broker that conservatively underwrites the loans.  Val-Chris is just that broker and we invite you to see how we do.  Lastly, trust deeds are great investments with better than average rates of return but there are different classes of trust deeds and this is where a good broker is required to help you chart those waters.  We welcome the opportunity to serve you and hope you will call us with your questions and your concerns.

Why should I invest in Trust Deeds?

Is there a minimum amount for investment?