San Bernardino Private Money Services for Brokers

We offer incredible options for owner and non-owner occupied residential loans in San Bernardino.

Our Loan amounts start from $25,000 to $4,000,000 with loan terms that range from 1-3 years. In addition, we don’t require a FICO score minimum.

A few additional benefits include:

  • SFR, Condominiums, Townhouses
  • Offering Up to 65% LTV on purchases
  • Offering Up to 65% LTV on refinances
  • Stated income loan;

Multi-Family Units (2+ units)

  • 65% LTV on purchases
  • 65% LTV on refinances (call for exceptions)

Commercial and Industrial

We provide Up to 60% LTV on purchases; and, up to 55% LTV on refinances. Call for Exceptions

For assistance with underwriting and pricing guidelines, please contact us today. Our account executives are quick to respond and are ready to assist you with any questions.

Loan pricing is easy, just send us an appraisal, credit report (required to be no older than 2 months), completed 1003 and a letter of loan purpose.