Oakland Investment Property Loans

Investment Property Loans stand to be one of the most popular type of loans.

At conventional lenders, loans on investment properties can be difficult to qualify for, and usually have an elaborate approval process. Val-Chris offers streamlined financial solutions that enable us to get them funded for our clients in a timely manner. Unlike traditional lenders, we are not bound to strict underwriting guidelines and approval requirements. This means we can consistently provide a simple, efficient lending experience for our clients.

At Val-Chris, we understand that the lending needs of an investor may be quite different from those of a typical home buyer. We are dedicated to finding our clients the lending option that best accommodates their unique financial needs. We offer exceptional customer service, and we are proud to be one of the leading investment property lenders in Oakland.

An investment property loan can often times be incredibly advantageous to a property owner or real estate investor. Benefits for clients can include portfolio diversification, tax benefits, and increased cash flow. For more information regarding investment property loans in Oakland, please contact us today!