Los Angeles Investment Property Loans

The thriving Los Angeles real estate market presents a wealth of opportunities for property investors, but acquiring the necessary funds can be a significant challenge. At Val-Chris Investments, we’re proud of our track record for funding thousands of loans for investment properties in Los Angeles.

An investment property loan varies from other loans in that the investor must go through a more difficult approval process to qualify. The more challenging approval process is due to investment property loans being considered higher risk than traditional mortgage loans. Our expertise, loan products, attentive client service, and fast turnaround simplify the buying process.

However, our experts are able to guide you through the procedure and offer multiple options for investment property loans that are the best selection for you. We will help you find the right loan for your investment property based on your financial situation and property type.

We finance loans for investors with a range of goals. Whether you want to purchase a turn-key property ready for renters, buy a fixer-upper, or flip a property for resale, we can help you obtain the loan you need.

Our Los Angeles land loans offer an excellent financing option for buyers who wants to purchase a plot of land. Our land loans can help you purchase property for business, recreation, future primary or second home construction, or another purpose.

Real estate can be a lucrative venture, and one of the first steps in successful investing is securing a loan. With our in-depth knowledge of local market dynamics and competitive loan offerings, we’ve closed thousands of loans for Los Angeles investment properties.

An investor’s intention is earning a good return on his or her investment, so whether you plan to own a property for several years prior to selling for profit, to rent a home for profit, or you have an alternate plan for a property, the idea is that the less you pay for a mortgage the more you will able to make.

Return on investment (ROI) measures the monetary value of your investment versus its cost. The structure of your loan is one factor that affects your investment’s potential ROI, and we offer competitive loan products to help maximize this profit.

Acquiring a Los Angeles investment property can be time-consuming and confusing for investors of all experience levels. That’s why we offer personalized guidance and assistance to ease the process.

We also have a quicker turnaround than banks can offer, in part because we originate our loans. We are licensed by numerous agencies, including the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS #243299), and we will help you get the financing you need with the full protection of the law.

Similar to other loans, there is always an inherent risk for the lender and investment properties are typically thought to be riskier because they are an investment first and foremost. We can help you obtain a successful loan with great terms that empower you to maximize returns. To get started in finding the best loan option for your Los Angeles investment property, contact us today for more information.