Long Beach High-Yield Trust Deeds for Investors

With over 45 years of experience in the Long Beach private money lending industry, we pride ourselves on our prudent and responsible underwriting.

At Val-Chris, maintaining and cultivating strong relationships with our clients has always been our primary focus. We believe it’s also the foundation for our continued success.

Our team has lent hundreds of millions of dollars in trust deed investments over the past 40 years. Time and again, we’ve provided high yields with acceptable risk to our growing and diverse portfolio of investors. Our Account Executives are dedicated to delivering lending solutions with meticulous quality of service and a fast turn-around.

We are very well-versed in funding first, second, and third deeds of trust in Long Beach real estate. Moreover, we are experienced in allocating loans that range from $25,000 to $4,000,000, and loan services at a small fee. Trust deed investments typically produce a return on investment because of their high return yields on quality investments. For more information on investing in Long Beach and the surrounding area, please contact us today.

Val-Chris Investments, Inc.’s Commitment to Investors:

  • Facilitated by Licensed and Experienced Real Estate Professionals
  • Conservative Underwriting Standards
  • High-Yield Returns with Consistent Monthly Income
  • Investments secured by Real Property
  • Proven Track Record of Success for Over 45 Years

Trust Deed Investments

Improve Your Investment Portfolio’s Yield with Short Term, High Yield Notes Secured by Trust Deeds

  • These High-Yield Trust Deeds & Notes Are:
  • Short Term Interest Bearing Notes (1 to 3 Years);
  • Fixed Rate and Step-Interest Rate Notes;
  • Earn rates typically from 9% to 15% annually (and more if paid off early);
  • Loan amounts range from $25,000 to $4,00,000;

You Will Receive In Your Possession:

  • The Original Promissory Note;
  • A Recorded Deed of Trust providing you with a secured lien against the property;
  • A Policy of Title Insurance insuring your investment as Beneficiary;
  • A Liability Insurance Policy Endorsement insuring the property against certain perils;

Our Loan Servicing Benefits to an Investor:

  • Receive a high rate of interest on a note secured by real property;
  • Automated full-service Loan Servicing at minimal charge;
  • Collection of borrower’s monthly payments
  • ACH deposits available;
  • We provide all necessary collection efforts including late notices;
  • Help with payoffs and all other

For more information, call us today.