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Fresno Investment Property Loans


Fresno Investment Property Loans

Investment property loans are one of the more popular lending options, and include principal and interest, interest only, and line of credit loans. They are difficult to qualify for, and have a strict approval process. Despite these limitations, we are dedicated to helping our clients realize their business goals, and we are committed to acquiring the best lending option for every investor we serve.

Whether it is a long-term commitment, or a short-term project such as house flipping, return on investment is always at the forefront of any investor’s mind. We understand that the needs of a real estate investor differ greatly from those of a typical home buyer, which is we always go above and beyond to help our clients choose the lending option that best accommodates their needs.

Due to the inherently risky nature of investment property loans, financing guidelines for these types of loans are often stricter. However, with every risk there is a reward, and getting approved for this type of loan can be tremendously advantageous. Portfolio diversification, possible tax benefits, and an increased tax flow are just a few of the benefits. Learn more about investment property loans in Fresno by contacting us today!