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Loan Modification Services

If you are stuck in a financial situation that faces many home owners in today's market, then loan modification might be a great option. One of the biggest current situations is where you owe more on your loan than the value of your home, and are therefore unable to refinance normally or take other steps to reduce your burden.  Also, many home owners may face financial hardship due to job lost, medical disability, or other factors.

Loan modification is the process of negotation between you and your lender, in which you negotiate more favorable terms.  The lender can be open to modify a loan in certain cases if they feel it is appropriate, and if they can agree that the hardship faced by the current loan conditions is a temporary, fixable problem.

The Purpose of a Loan Modification Representative

In many cases, it is fixable, but you will need someone to negotiate on your behalf and serve as an intermediary between both parties to find the best option.  At Val-Chris, we talk to lenders every day and have established relationships with all of the large companies.  With these relationships, we are able to prove your case and make sure that your financial hardship doesn't result in a devastating bankruptcy or foreclosure situation.

Final Results of a Loan Modification

Final negotiated terms could be a reduced overall balance, extended payment terms, reduced interest rate, or more favorable terms on the loan such as fee reduction or other items.  The final terms vary greatly depending upon each situation, but our loan modification analyst will talk to you and carefully approach the lender in order to start the negotation.  Call us today and leave the stress behind!